History Of SEO – How It Change The World Of Internet

In today’s life, it’s very difficult to live without search engines. Even though these are only two decades old, these major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) have given superpower to people to swim in the sea of unlimited knowledge at their fingertips.

These search engines has changed many things in our lives. They have change how we discover information, how to buy goods or how to look for a service. This changing nature of people have led explosive boom in the field of SEO as businesses looks to stay on top of SERP’s for their relative searches.

What is SEO?

search engine optimization (SEO)

Now many of you can think that what is SEO..?

The process of search engine optimization was first started in 1990. Till then Google was still a concept only and Alta Vista was known as the number one search engine in the world. Webmasters and website developer used to submit their websites to Alta Vista and some other similar website to get visible online.

The term SEO was first discovered in 1997 by search industry analyst Danny Sullivan. The first documented use was made by John Audette’s Multimedia Marketing Group on August 1997. Bruce Clay filed a copyright application in 1997 for a website containing the term and it become effective from March 1997.

Nowadays, SEO has become a crucial point for internet marketing and there are many companies/individuals offers SEO Services by charging a very high amount. Some of them use ethical techniques (In terms of it known as “white hat SEO”) and some of them use non-ethical techniques (known as “Black hat SEO”).

Web SEO Star offers white hat SEO services to it’s client with a high quality of works.

Role Played By Google

In 1998 Larry Page and Brin founded Google. Google attracted a lot of crowds of internet users to use it as they like it’s a simple design. Google uses many factors to rank a website in it’s search result. These factors are divided into two parts.

off-page SEO factors and on-page SEO factors.

Google updates its algorithm many times to provide a better result to users. Some of major updates are below:-


Google had integrated a lot of undisclosed factors into its ranking factors. Some people considered it uses more than 200 different signals.


Google starts to show personalized search result for each the users depending upon their previous searches. Google crafted search results for signed-in users.


Google lunches a campaign against paid links.


Google announced that it would be using the web search history of all its users in order to populate the search results.


Google launches Google Instant (a real-time search).


Google announced the panda update.


Google Announced the Penguin update.


Google Announced the Hummingbird update.

There are many more others. We will discuss them in upcoming posts later.

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